Showcased pieces / Oeuvres présentées

Oral, digital and public history projects often include artistic, video or audio production. We will be showcasing four pieces at the Symposium: two audio documentaries and an art installation will be accessible throughout the day in a listening booth set up for the occasion in our interview room, and a documentary film will be showed at lunchtime.

L’histoire orale, numérique et publique rime souvent avec création artistique, production vidéo ou documentaire audio. Nous présenterons quatre oeuvres lors du Symposium: deux documentaires audio et une installation artistique seront diffusés en boucle durant la journée dans notre salle d’entrevue transformée pour l’occasion en «poste d’écoute», et nous projetterons un film documentaire durant l’heure du dîner.

Listening booth / Poste d’écoute

Shauna Rak, My Bubby’s Story, 2015, 18 minutes

Derived from in-depth conversations with the artist’s grandmother, as well as visits to key sites in Poland that were linked to her story of survival during the Holocaust, this art installation invites the viewer to enter Bubby’s story through a multi-sensory experience. Images projected on a loop follow the oral and written chronology of Bubby’s story, highlighting moments in her life that move her story and survival forward. This art installation is part of Shauna Rak’s MA thesis.

Lauren Ramsay, The Iraqi Jewish Community, 2015, 30 minutes

This audio documentary tells the story of the once thriving Jewish community in Baghdad and its decline through the lives of three Iraqi Jews. It weaves together three voices and their personal experiences to trace thirty years of history from the 1940s to the 1970s. This project was completed as part of an independent study supervised by Prof. Steven High.

Audrey Rousseau, In Loving Memories, 2016, 8 minutes

In this short but poignant audio piece about the Irish Magdalen laundries, women’s testimonies are weaved with excerpts from activist and political discourses. This piece is here shown en primeur, as it has been specifically edited for a performance to be held in Ireland in October 2016. The Irish Magdalen laundries is Audrey Rousseau’s doctoral thesis case studies.

Lunch screening / Projection du midi

Ioana Radu, Miyupimaatisiiun in Eeyou Istchee, 2014, 35 minutes

Miyupimaatisiiun in Eeyou Istchee an ethnographic documentary of the land-based healing program developed by the Cree Nation of Chisasibi. It follows the healing journey of five young people who spent two weeks in the bush in the company of Elders Eddie Pash and Noah Snowboy. By linking culture, families and the community, Cree approaches to health and social services provide holistic models of wellbeing needed to achieve autonomy and self-determination. This documentary is part of Dr. Radu’s PhD research and was developed in collaboration with Chisasibi to raise awareness about Cree approaches to health and wellbeing.